Tips for Houston Listing Photos that will Have Buyers Knocking Down Your Door

Tips for Houston Listing Photos that will Have Buyers Knocking Down Your Door

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Listing Photos

Tips for Houston Listing Photos that will Have Buyers Knocking Down Your Door

Before a homeowner is able to sell their Houston home, they have to entice buyers into looking at it.  Buyers are not interested in going to every Houston home that is up for sale in a neighborhood. Usually, they start their search online and look at the listing photos of the Houston home.  In fact, many decide if they would consider buying a house before they even visit it.

To set yourself up for success, Houston home sellers will want to consider the following tips to take the best listing photos of the house that will have buyers clamoring for a walk-through.

Start With a Walk-Through

Never just start snapping photos.  Always walk through each room and think of it from the perspective of the home buyer.  The house is no longer the homeowner’s home; it is a piece of property to sell. They have to think of it in that way.  

Another great thing to remember is if there is something in a room that a Houston homeowner does not want buyers to see they should take it out or fix the problem before taking listing photos.  Even small details savvy buyers will pick up on.

Natural Light

Taking pictures outside is a complicated process when accounting for natural light.  Avoid taking listing photos at odd times in the day where the light is going to change rapidly.  

It may be difficult to get the perfect listing photos when there are few clouds in the sky, but avoid taking pictures of overcast days.  The sunlight is going to help the home feel more inviting in the photograph.

Prep the Landscape

Even though a Houston homeowner may spend very little time outside, they still need to make it look like they put in the effort to make their yard beautiful.  Do not leave those flower pots or beds empty. Always clear debris off sidewalks and the driveway.

Additionally, power washing any dirt off these surfaces can really help a home look new.  Also avoid leaving toys or tools laying around.

Photo Ready

A clean home is not a photo ready home.  Homeowners need to take it a step beyond clean.  They need to completely declutter every room as they take listing photos.  

This includes small items that may be present during a home showing.  No one needs to see the extras like remotes, toiletries, and various kitchen utensils sitting out while looking through pictures.

Carefully Plan Decor

Some home staging tips and tricks are great for when the buyer is already in the door.  However, they do not work when a homeowner is taking listing photos.

Decor pieces may look good, but they are just another items to look past in a photo.  Having too much in one room can make it feel cluttered even if all of the pieces are individually appealing.

All The Light

Open up those curtains before taking listing photos.  Do not let windows be obstructed by heavy curtains that block natural light.  Turn on all the lights in the room to really brighten the space.

But watch out, every light bulb needs to be on and working.  Otherwise, a Houston buyer may think that some lights do not work.  

The Right Angle

People tend to want to get up close to items to take a picture.  It is actually better to take photos from one corner of the room so at least two walls are showing.  Preferably, the buyer will be able to see three walls in every photo taken.

The broader the view of the room will help to make it appear bigger versus an up-close photo that is much more closed off.

Simple Photos

Showcasing photograph skills that include taking pictures at different angles and with many lenses is not appealing for real estate.  The best height for a photo is chest level and it is best to avoid lenses like fish-eye.

Simple pictures of a room will be much better than a crafty photo that attempts to trick people into seeing the room differently.

Avoid Needing to Edit

There is no reason to need to heavily edit photos of the Houston house.  If there are many items in the photos that need to be edited out or even problems with the lighting, then they are not good listing photos.  Take good photos from the get-go and minimize editing.

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